Dear 2014 – You Have Not Rocked

Let’s face it. A perfect year doesn’t exist. You can’t have a year which have been perfect from the very beginning to the very end. We’re so obsessed with portraying our lives like we live a perfect one, and the sad thing is, we aren’t even doing it because we want others to see it. We’re doing it because we’re fooling ourselves. Telling ourselves that we are living a perfect life and that this has been a perfect year. When really, the reality is quite different.

2014, as the years before it, hasn’t been perfect for me, but I’m okay with that. I’ve had tons of great experiences of which I have learned a lot from, good moments with my friends and memorable moments with my beautiful family. But I’m still waiting for something to go my way. For me to able to summarize the year with more good than bad. We all want that. It’s human nature to chase after the perfect life, year, day, hairstyle or grades. We crave for something better at all times.

To be perfectly honest (which I am a 100% too much on this blog), I’m not looking forward to my Instagram-feed on New Years Eve. I’m sure many will have posted some cool pictures of fireworks and collages or movies or whatever with tons of picture of all the amazing things you’ve done. Just to be sure all the followers did get the message, you add some heart-touching text where you put words to your never-ending love for everyone and, in the last line, tell us just how perfect your year has been. Little do I know if your year has, in fact, been as perfect, but that’s not what’s annoying. What’s annoying is that while you claim to’ve had the perfect year, I don’t. While you’re thinking: damn, this year has been good, I’m thinking: damn, this year has sucked.

Truth is, I do think a year of which we label as ‘perfect’, is not, in fact, perfect. But what it is, is perfect enough for us, because the good times have been so many more than the bad ones. The good ones make you forget about all the bad ones, and that, my friend, is a perfect year. And if you have been lucky enough to end up having one, then’ll like your stupid New Years Eve Insta-update.