Bloggers world

Wow. I’m one of the bloggers now. Actually, I’ve been a part of the circus before, but never really made it through. I don’t know if I will now either, but at least I’m trying. I think I’m actually going to make it, because I’ll do this on my own terms. I don’t have to blog every day, neither do I have to (and I won’t) write about makeup or lash curlers or whatever. I will write about what’s on my mind, what I am passionate about and feel strongly about. Maybe I’ll write about movies and music and books, too. One thing I do know is that the posts will all be based on my own opinions and thoughts.

I felt like a post like this was necessary in order to get this thing going. I can’t just start off with my thoughts about life and death without a little introduction. I know it’s boring to read, and that it doesn’t really tell you that much about anything, but whatever. If I’m a lucky girl (and you’re a good person who believe in people), you’ll come back for more. 

I’m chosing not to link my blog on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Honestly, I kind of want to, but it’s too embarrassing at the moment. I can’t give everyone I know a key into my brain just like that. I’ll have to consider it a bit more before I do so. My close friends are the only ones who know who I am, and I want it to stay that way for a while. My main goal is just to get my thoughts out there! Maybe someone will even recognize the situations and that someone can relate. How cool would that be.